Friday, 30 June 2017

Gionee Stock ROM’s For All Models

Download Gionee Stock ROM’s For All Models

Here, we have provided Gionee Stock ROM’s for all models. Download the stock ROM based on your Gionee device model number, flash it either via Odin or using CWM recovery mode and enjoy the stock Android experience again along with regaining your warranty.

Download Gionee Stock ROM’s For All Models:

Gionee Model NumberDownload LinkStock ROM CountryAndroid Version
Gionee D1DownloadAllAndroid 4.1.2
Gionee E5DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Gionee E3DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee Elief E7 (16GB)DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee E6DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Gionee E7 MiniDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee Elief E7 (32GB)DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee G2DownloadAllAndroid 4.1
Gionee G1DownloadAllAndroid 4.0
Gionee G3 (1GB RAM)DownloadAllAndroid4.2
Gionee G3 (512MB RAM)DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Gionee G4DownloadAllAndroid4.2
Gionee G3 (8GB ROM)DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Gionee L700DownloadAllNot Available
Gionee G5DownloadAllAndroid 4.4
Gionee M2 (4GB)DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee M2 (8GB)DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee L800DownloadAllNot Available
Gionee M3DownloadAllAndroid 5.0
Gionee M2 (8GB ROM)DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee P2DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Gionee P1DownloadAllAndroid 2.3
Gionee P3DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee P2SDownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Gionee P4SDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee P4DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee S5.1DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee P6DownloadAllAndroid 5.0
Gionee S7DownloadAllAndroid 5.0
Gionee S5.5DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee S90DownloadAllNot Available
Gionee S80DownloadAllNot Available
Gionee T520DownloadAllNot Available
Gionee S96DownloadAllNot Available
Gionee V2DownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Gionee V1DownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Gionee V4DownloadAllAndroid 4.2
Gionee V3DownloadAllAndroid 4.0.4
Gionee V5DownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2
Gionee V4SDownloadAllAndroid 5.0
Gionee V6LDownloadAllAndroid 4.4.2     


1) All the Stock ROM’s we have given here are provided by Gionee officially. So, if you face any issues with them, contact Gionee support team.
2) If you would like to connect your Gionee smartphone to the computer, then you will have to download Gionee USB drivers (based on your smartphone model number) and install it in your computer.

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