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Intex Stock ROM For All Models

Intex Flash File - (Stock ROM)


INTEX Flash file is the basic requirement while re installation or Flashing of Firmware. However, if you are limited to stock ROM you cannot install/flash the device. You need tool to flash the device. 

Most of the time flashing fails, because you forget to install Driver. As, most important process to make communication between XIAOMI  phone, smartphones or tablet with the PC or Laptop.

Majority of INTEX Gadgets are powered by -
1- Mediatek CPU :- MTK Driver Installation
2- spreadtrumCPU - SPRD Driver Installation 

Mediatek CPU are flashed using SP TOOL  and use volume down as boot key while connecting to PC.

SPRD CPU are flashed using Research Download  and useuse volume down  or Vol Down + Vol Up as boot key while connecting to PC.

Required Tool
  • MTK SP Flash Tool - Download 
  • MTK VCOM flashing USB Driver - Download 
  • Original USB Cable 
  • Stock ROM ( Download below ) 
  • SPRD Research Download Flash Tool - Download 
  • SPRD SCI  flashing USB Driver - Download 
  • Original USB Cable 
  • Stock ROM ( Download below ) 

To download other tools, check Android Flash tool.

Mobiles should be switched off during the process of flashing and 30 percent charged to perform Flashing.

Just Download the Stock Firmware from the page below which act as a support site for free download for any Software related issue. It contain flash file, Flash tool & driver packages. 

Download Intex Stock Rom 

  • Select the right Intex Stock Rom version for your phone from the listed below, and download the corresponding package file.
Intex mobileFlash File
Aqua FishDownload
Aqua View v06Download
Cloud String HD v05Download
Cloud String HD v06Download
Aqua Sense 5.1 w014 s04cDownload
Aqua Eco 3G v09Download
Aqua 3G Pro Q v10Download
Aqua Eco 4G v08Download
Cloud Glory 4G T09Download
Aqua Air V03Download
Aqua Air V04Download
Aqua Air V06Download
Aqua Play V04Download
Aqua Wave V03Download
Aqua Wave V05Download
Aqua Y2 Pro V11Download
Aqua Dream V08Download
Aqua Desire Hd s04Download
Aqua A2 V07Download
Aqua 4G Plus V1.0Download
Aqua 4G Plus V18Download
Aqua 3G Strong V07Download
Aqua 3G Pro V08Download
Cloud Power Plus V03Download
Cloud N12 V02Download
Cloud N12 Plus V02Download
Cloud N IPS V03Download
Cloud M6 V03Download
Cloud M6 V05Download
Cloud M5 II V01Download
Cloud M5 II V03Download
Cloud M4 V05Download
Cloud 3G Candy V02Download
Aqua Q4 V06Download
Aqua Q4 V07Download
Aqua Q4 V08Download
Aqua Q2 V07Download
Aqua Q1 plus V02Download
Aqua Pro V08Download
Aqua Power plus V10Download
Aqua M5 V05Download
Aqua M5 V05 OTADownload
Aqua Life II V05Download
Aqua Life II V07Download
Aqua Life V08Download
Aqua Sense 5.0 V02Download
Aqua Turbo 4G V02Download
Aqua Trend V01Download
Aqua Trend V02Download
Aqua Speed HD V01Download
Aqua Speed HD V03Download
Aqua Q5 V03Download
Aqua Q5 V07Download
Aqua V3 V05Download
Aqua X15 V05Download
Aqua R2 V06Download
Aqua R2 V07Download
Aqua P3 V01Download
Aqua P2 V02Download
Aqua P2 V03Download
Cloud G V02Download
Cloud FX V07Download
Aqua Star 2 V06Download
Aqua Y2 Remote V10Download
Aqua Xtreme V09Download
Aqua Xtreme V11Download
Aqua X V06Download
Aqua V4 V06Download
Aqua V2 V09Download
Aqua V+ V05Download
Aqua Y3 V04Download
Aqua Style X V07Download
Aqua Style X V08Download
Aqua Style VX V01Download
Aqua Style VX V05Download
Aqua Star Power V08Download
Aqua Star HD V06Download
Aqua Star HD V11Download
Aqua Slice V07Download
Aqua N7 V06Download
Aqua Kat V03Download
Aqua i5 V17Download
Aqua i4 Plus V14Download
Aqua HD 5.0 V10 SERDownload
Aqua HD 5.0 V10 OTADownload
Aqua HD 5.0 V11 SERDownload
Aqua Eco V015Download
Aqua Desire V10Download
Aqua Amoled V05Download
Aqua Amoled V06Download
Aqua Amaze V06Download
Aqua A1 V07Download
Aqua 5X V08Download
Aqua 5.0 V07Download
Aqua 3X v02 SERDownload
Aqua 3X v02 NLCD SERDownload
Aqua 3G Star V01Download
Aqua T5 V05Download
Aqua Glam v08Download
Aqua Q7 v12Download
Aqua Q7 v15Download
Cloud 3G Gem v03Download
Cloud 3G Gem v06Download
Eco 102E v01Download
Eco 104 v04Download
Eco 105E v01Download
Eco 106 v01 MarathiDownload
Eco 106 v01 GujratiDownload
Eco 205 v01Download
IN 50C v13Download
IN 80 v02Download
IN 777 3G Gold v08Download
IN 1010Neo v011Download
IN 1010Neo v013Download
IN 1212 v019 HindiDownload
IN 1212 v015 HindiDownload
IN 1212 Nano Plus v04Download
IN 2010 Nano v8.0.7Download
IN 2010 Nano v8.1.4Download
IN 2010 Nano L70d 78b0 v8.0.cDownload
IN 2010 Nano L70d 78b0 v8.1.0Download
IN 2044 Gem v02 16Download
IN 3070Download
IN 3070i Champ v07Download
IN 3080 v5.0Download
IN 3080 v9.5Download
IN 3080E v017Download
IN 3080E v018Download
IN 3080E v023Download
Aqua R3 Plus v06 20160224Download
Aqua R3 Plus v06 20150717Download
Cloud 4G star v1.0B05Download
Cloud 4G star v07Download
Cloud Q5 v02Download
Aqua Star 2 HD v03Download
Aqua Star 2 HD v06Download
Aqua Y2 IPS 19604 150629Download
Aqua Y2 IPS 9472 150212Download
Aqua Y2 IPS v13Download
Aqua 3G Pro v12Download
Aqua 3G Pro v19Download
Aqua Q4 v10Download
Aqua Q2 v10Download
Aqua Trend v12Download
Aqua Trend v09Download
Aqua Trend v10Download
Aqua 3G Star v02Download
Aqua Raze v04Download
Aqua Raze v05Download
Aqua Star 4G v08Download
Aqua Star 4G v11Download
Aqua Twist v03Download
Aqua Twist v04Download
Aqua Twist v06Download
Aqua Twist v07Download
Cloud Flash v03Download
Cloud Swift v07Download
Cloud Breeze v03Download

Intex mobileFlash File
Aqua Power M v04Download
Cloud String v2.0 v04Download
Cloud M6 v06Download
Cloud M6 16GB v04Download
I Buddy IN7DD01Download
Aqua Strong 5.1 v06Download
Cloud Fame 4G 0516 T11Download
Aqua Shine 4GDownload
Aqua Lion 3G v06Download
Aqua Young v05Download
Aqua Young v06Download
Aqua Young v07Download
Aqua T4 V03Download
Aqua T4 V06Download
Aqua T4 V07Download
Aqua Style Pro V09Download
Aqua Style Mini V01Download
Aqua Style Mini V07Download
Aqua Style 4.0 s09SDownload
Aqua Style 4.0 V02Download
Aqua 4X V06Download
Aqua 3G Mini V09Download
I Tab 5TDownload
I Buddy 7.2Download
I Buddy V4.0.2Download
I Buddy Connect II 3GDownload
I Buddy Connect 3GDownload
I Buddy 3 V1.2Download
I Buddy 7Download
Aqua i5 Mini V07Download
Aqua i14 V08Download
Aqua 3G V02Download
Aqua 3G V07Download
Aqua 3G V10Download
Aqua 3G V13Download
Cloud Y7 V005Download
Cloud Y5 V1.0.7Download
Cloud Y5 V1.0.8Download
Cloud Y4 PlusDownload
Cloud Y17 V06Download
Cloud Y17 V08Download
Cloud Y17 V10Download
Cloud Y13 V1Download
Cloud Y13 V07Download
Cloud Y13 V11Download
Cloud Y12 V06Download
Cloud Y12 V08Download
Cloud Y11 V18Download
Cloud Y10 V04Download
Cloud X3 V09Download
Cloud X3 V10Download
Cloud X3 V12Download
Aqua Y2 V06Download
Aqua Y2 V06 KDownload
Aqua N8 V10Download
Aqua N8 V13Download
Aqua N4 V13Download
Aqua N2 V06Download
Aqua N2 V09Download
Aqua N17 V03Download
Aqua N15 V08Download
Aqua i3 V03Download
Aqua i3 V05Download
Aqua i3 K V07Download
Aqua Curve mini V04Download
Aqua Curve mini V05Download
Aqua Superb MT6577 V08Download
Aqua Superb V08Download
Cloud Z6 V07Download
Cloud Z6 V10Download
Cloud Z5 V10Download
Cloud Z5 V12Download
Cloud Y4Download
Cloud Y3 V06Download
Cloud Y2 V11Download
Cloud Y2 V12Download
Cloud Y2 V12 OTADownload
Cloud Y17 Plus V02Download
Cloud Y1 V08Download
Cloud Y1 V11Download
Cloud Y1 V14Download
Cloud Y1 V18Download
Cloud X5 V09Download
Cloud X4 V10Download
Cloud X3 Plus V03Download
Cloud X2 V02Download
Cloud X2 V04Download
Cloud X2 V05Download
Cloud X12 V19Download
Cloud X11 V03Download
Cloud X1 Plus V07Download
Cloud X1 Plus V08Download
Aqua Life 3 v07Download
Aqua I5 Octa v05Download
Cloud Champ v01Download
Grand v03 Nchip NpcbaDownload
Grand v03Download
Grand 601 v06Download
Grand 604 v01Download
Grand 604 v03Download
Grand 612 v02Download
Grand 612MP v04Download
Grand EON v03Download
IN 2020E v7.0Download
IN 2020 Vision v01Download
IN 2030 v01Download
IN 2030E v013Download
IN 2040N v01Download
IN 2040E v01 b04Download
IN 2040E v01 b05Download
IN 2040E v01 b08Download
IN 2040N v01 b07Download
IN 2040NX Power v03Download
IN 2040NX Power v05Download
IN 2044 Gem v15.0Download
Aqua 3G Neo v06Download
Aqua 3G NS v01Download
Aqua ACE v08Download
Aqua Power 2 v10Download
Aqua R4 Plus v07Download
Cloud VX v03Download
Aqua V5 v07Download
Cloud Bloom v02Download
Cloud N4 v02Download
Cloud N4 v04Download
Aqua Xtreme 2 150703Download
Aqua Xtreme 2 v11 (SP Flash Tool)Download
Aqua Xtreme V v07Download
Aqua 3G Strong v09Download
Cloud N IPS v04Download
Cloud M6 16GB v02Download
Aqua Power Plus v11Download
Aqua Power Plus v14Download
Aqua Power Plus v15Download
Aqua Speed HD v04Download
Aqua Q5 v08Download
Aqua 3G Star v04Download
Cloud Y3 v04Download
Cloud X1 v08Download
Aqua 4.5E v05Download
Aqua 4.5E v06Download
Aqua 4.5E v09Download
Aqua 4.5E v12Download
Aqua Air 2 v04Download
Aqua Air 2 v06Download
Aqua Freedom v06Download
Aqua Ace Mini v11Download
Aqua Ace Mini v06Download
Aqua Ace 2 v05Download
Aqua Ace 2 v06Download
Aqua Ace 2 v07Download
Aqua Ace 2 v10Download
Cloud Crystal 2.5D v07Download
Cloud Crystal 2.5D v08Download
Cloud 4G Smart v08Download
Aqua Wing v08Download
Aqua Wing v07Download
Cloud Cube v05Download
Cloud Cube v08Download

Intex mobileFlash File
Aqua Power HD 4G s04bDownload
Aqua Power HD 4G s04bDownload
Aqua 4G v14Download
Aqua Strong 5.2 v04Download
Aqua Viturbo v06Download
Aqua Q7 N v07Download
Aqua R4 Plus v08 (Multi IE Tool)Download
Aqua G2 v20 (Multi IE Tool)Download
Aqua Joy v07Download
Aqua Music v08Download
Aqua Q7N v05Download
Aqua Classic v03Download
Cloud N 1GB v04Download
Cloud N 1GB v05Download
Cloud X Plus V03Download
Aqua Wonder V4Download
Aqua Wonder QuadcoreDownload
Aqua Trendy V08Download
Aqua T3 V08Download
Aqua T3 V09Download
Aqua T3 V12Download
Aqua SX V01Download
Aqua SX V04Download
Aqua Swadesh 01Download
Aqua Style V08Download
Aqua Star V1.0.8Download
Aqua SDownload
Aqua S V03Download
Aqua S V04Download
Aqua Qwerty V09Download
Aqua Octa V11Download
Aqua Marvel V05Download
Aqua Marvel V06Download
Aqua i7 V18Download
Aqua i7 V20Download
Aqua i6 V08Download
Aqua i6 V13Download
Aqua i5 HD V07Download
Aqua i5 HD V10Download
Aqua i4 V06Download
Aqua i4 V07Download
Aqua i4 V08Download
Aqua i2 V11Download
Aqua i15 V07Download
Aqua HD V06Download
Aqua HD V11Download
Aqua Glow V05Download
Aqua Glory V1.0.2Download
Aqua Flash V05 No SmsDownload
Aqua Flash V08Download
Aqua Curve V09Download
Aqua Curve V10Download
Aqua Curve V12Download
Aqua ActiveDownload
Aqua 5 V13Download
Aqua 4Download
Aqua 3.2 V05Download
Cloud Y13 Plus V05Download
Aqua T2 V11Download
Aqua T2 V12Download
Aqua Star 5.0 V06Download
Aqua Q3 V07Download
Aqua Q3 V09Download
Aqua Q3 V10Download
Aqua Q1 V03Download
Aqua Q1 V12Download
Aqua Power v14Download
Aqua Power V09Download
Aqua Power HD V06Download
Aqua Power HD V07Download
Aqua Power HD V09Download
Aqua Power HD V10Download
Aqua Power HD s11Download
Aqua Power HD s14Download
Aqua N11 V03Download
Aqua N11 V05Download
Aqua 3G Plus V09Download
Aqua 3G Plus V10Download
Aqua Y2 Pro V08Download
Aqua Y2 Pro V08 OTADownload
Aqua Y2 Pro V10Download
Aqua Y2 Pro V10 OTADownload
Aqua Y2 Plus V07Download
Aqua R3 V11Download
Aqua R3 V12Download
Aqua R3 V13Download
Aqua R3 V15Download
Aqua R3 V17Download
Aqua Speed V05Download
Aqua Speed V04 LollipopDownload
Aqua Speed V06 LollipopDownload
Aqua V3G V02Download
Aqua Star LDownload
Cloud Zest v02Download
Cloud Swing v02Download
Cloud N4 Plus v02Download
Cloud Pace v02Download
Cloud V v05Download
IN 001 Hotshot 8533c1 N618cDownload
IN 001 Hotshot v0019Download
IN 007 Maxima v120406Download
IN 009T v13Download
IN 40C v07Download
IN 50 v023Download
IN 50 v05Download
IN 50 Plus v05Download
IN 2060 v115Download
IN 2060 v119Download
IN 2060 v115 w8120Download
IN 2080 v01 b01Download
IN 2080 KB9 DB01Download
IN 2080E KB9 DB02Download
IN 2233 Classic v17Download
IN 3030 v01Download
IN 3050Download
IN 3050Download
IN 3050E v017Download
IN 3055Download
IN 3060Download
Aqua Slice 2 v09Download
Aqua Y4 v08Download
Aqua Life V v10Download
Aqua Irist v11Download
Aqua Dream 2 v06Download
Aqua R4 v06Download
Aqua R4 v07Download
Cloud X15 Plus v01Download
Cloud X15 Plus v02Download
Cloud X15 Plus v03Download
Aqua Y2 1GB v03Download
Aqua Y2 1GB v06Download
Aqua Y2 1GB v08Download
Aqua Y2 1GB 26779 150908Download
Aqua Y2 Power s06sDownload
Aqua Y2 Power v10Download
Aqua Y2 Ultra v05 20150609Download
Aqua Y2 Ultra v05 20150806Download
Aqua Sense 5.0 v11Download
Aqua Sense 5.0 v16Download
Aqua Turbo 4G v12Download
Aqua ActiveDownload
Aqua 3G Plus v12Download
Aqua 3G N v02Download
Aqua Craze v08Download
Aqua Craze v19Download
Aqua Craze v20Download
Aqua Lite v05Download
Aqua Q7 Pro v05Download
Aqua Q7 Pro v08Download
Aqua 4G Strong v03Download
Aqua 4G Strong v04Download
Aqua 4G Strong v05Download
Aqua 4G Strong v06Download
Aqua 4G Strong v10Download
Cloud Jewel A160F v1.0B14Download
Cloud Gem Plus v03Download
Cloud Force v04Download
Aqua Super v05Download
Aqua 4.5 Pro v06Download
Aqua GenX v06Download
Aqua Joy v06Download
Aqua G2 v09Download
Aqua G2 v20Download

All the stock ROMs which we have given above are provided officially by Mobiles. If you encounter any issues with these stock ROMs while trying to flash them, contact   Mobile support.
2) If you would want to connect your Spice android devices to the computer, download Spice USB drivers and install it in your computer.
#Do it on your Risk

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