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Top 3 DFU Tools for iPhone to Enter DFU Mode

Top 3 DFU Tools for iPhone to Enter DFU Mode 

DFU refers to Device Firmware Update

There may be many reasons you could want to enter DFU mode. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone or un-jailbreak it, Device Firmware Update mode can be used. It can also be used to update from an expired beta. Apart from that, if there is a problem in your iPhone and nothing else seems to be working, including recovery mode, Device Firmware Update mode can be your last hope.

So what exactly happens in Device Firmware Update mode?
The DFU puts your phone in a state where it can communicate with iTunes on your PC (whether Windows or Mac, works for both). However, this mode doesn't load the iOS or the boot loader. Because of this, the device can be recovered from any state. This, in fact, is the main difference between Recovery mode and Device Firmware Update mode.
It is best to try recovery mode or iOS system recovery before trying Device Firmware Update mode. The DFU mode is a last ditch attempt to get your phone out of any trouble unless you intend to jailbreak your phone, or un-jailbreak it, in which case it must be done. Recovery mode or system recovery can solve most problems.
In this article, we have collected 6 popular DFU tools, and we hope it will be helpful for you to enter DFU mode.

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