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Rage Mobile Flash File List

Rage Mobile Flash File List


RAGE Flash file is the basic requirement while reinstallation or Flashing of Firmware. However, if you are limited to stock ROM you cannot install/flash the device. You need tool to flash the device. Most of the time flashing fails, because you forget to install Driver. As, most important process to make communication between RAGE phone, smartphones or tablet with the PC or Laptop.
Majority of RAGE Gadgets are powered by -
1- MTK CPU :- MTK Driver Installation
2- SPD CPU :- :- SPD Driver Installation
MTK CPU can be flashed using SP tool and you have to press Volume down as boot key while connecting to PC.
SPD CPU are flashed using SPD tool and use volume down as boot key while connecting to PC.
To download other tools, check Android Flash tool.
Mobiles should be switched off during the process of flashing and 30 percent charged to perform Flashing.
Just Download the Stock Firmware from the page below which act as a support site for free download for any Software related issue. It contain flash file, Flash tool & driver packages

Rage mobileFlash FileRage Marvel v10DownloadRage Supremo 5.0 v3.0 (SPD tool)DownloadRage Swift V05 (SPD tool)DownloadRage OPS 60D (SPD tool)DownloadRage OPS 45Q (SP tool)DownloadRage OPS 41 (SPD tool)DownloadRage OPS 40G V06 (SP tool)DownloadRage 50QX v1.12DownloadRage Bold 3502DownloadRage AceDownloadRage BeatDownloadRage BingoDownloadRage BravoDownloadRage ChampDownloadRage CharmDownloadRage DukeDownload


Rage mobileFlash File
Attitude 4.0Download
Amaze v04Download
Rage OPS 35G (SP tool)Download
Rage Attitude 5X V01 OTADownload
Rage Attitude 5X V01 (SPD tool)Download
Rage 50Q V07 (SP tool)Download
Rage Bold 2405Download
Rage TrendyDownload
Rage Grace v06Download
Rage Grace v07Download
Rage Bold 1800Download
Rage Bold 2402Download
Rage Bold 2400Download
Rage SilkDownload
Rage Thunder s31 v05Download
Rage Thunder PlusDownload
Rage HeroDownloa


Rage mobileFlash File
Rage Attitude 4.5 (SPD tool)Download
Rage Bold 3500 (SPD tool)Download
Rage Viva R06 (SP tool)Download
Rage Rapid V10 (SPD tool)Download
Rage Optima Smart OPS 80Q (SP tool)Download
Rage Attitude 5.0Download
Rage Magic 40BXDownload
Rage Bold 2401Download
Rage Bold 2600Download
Rage Bold 1801Download
Rage Thunder S/w 1Download
Rage TitanDownload
Rage FreedomDownload
Rage Magic 40DDownload

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