Saturday, 22 July 2017

Coolsand Cpu Driver Download

Coolsand Cpu Driver Download

CoolSand Usb method :
  • USB only work with mobile can power on ,if your mobile can’t power on ,please use COM Port
  • PinFinder Can't work for CoolSand USB Port
  • need use original USB cable for access mobile's U-disk
  • need select Flash Model manual
  • need install driver when first use
  • after select Flash Model manual ,click “read ” ,“write”,”IMEI” or “Password”.interface will show

How to install driver for CoolSand USB
  • Connect your mobile with usb cable
  • When mobile’s LCD show “Mass Storage”, (If LCD not show than check Ur usb cable )
  • keep press the “0” key
  • In your mobile will show “Open Usb download”,
  • At the same time your computer will find new hardware
  • now install CoolSand usb driver in your computer Manually
  • it located in “C:\Program Files\MasterBox\Driver\CoolSand”,

Download CoolSand USB

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